Question: Does the statement describe training for staff that is specifically geared towards detecting signs of slavery or trafficking?
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"(i) Project Bright Future: Helping victims of modern slavery to rebuild their lives

In 2016 we worked with the charity City Hearts to provide paid work placements for victims of modern slavery – offering them a chance to rebuild their lives and, where we could, permanent employment.

We’ll be rolling out Project Bright Future in 2017 – developing new partnerships with charities who are experienced in supporting survivors of modern slavery, and creating 30 new work placement opportunities across our businesses.

But to make a real difference we need others to join our campaign – for other businesses and government to offer victims a chance. Which is why, in 2017, we will:

• Engage key in uencers, policy makers and other businesses, to encourage them to adopt the Bright Future model and campaign for better support for victims of slavery in the UK.

• Work with a minimum of ve of our suppliers, to help them support victims through work placements in their own businesses".

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