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Does the statement describe training for staff that is specifically geared towards detecting signs of slavery or trafficking?
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Modern Slavery Statement

Training is important for raising awareness on the issues of modern slavery. It helps people identify the risks of modern slavery, and how to address such risks if they notice them. Training can be targeted at specific groups of employees, especially those working in procurement, dealing with supply chains, recruitment, or leadership. The training can be in any form but should explicitly address modern slavery.

For further information on training please refer to the Home Office Guidance on page 37.


Does the company provide training specifically to address modern slavery and human trafficking? If the company provides training please state “Yes” and provide details as to whom is this training provided to, who provides the training (e.g. is it in house or outsourced to a training provider), how often is the training conducted, whether or not it is mandatory for the target group. If the business indicates it is developing a training program or planning to implement training in the future, please indicate “In Development” and please include a comment if the company is planning on including elements of modern slavery to existing trainings, or developing training specific to modern slavery and human trafficking. Please select "No" if there is no detail on trainings in the statement.