Question: Does the modern slavery statement define the performance indicators against which the company measures the effectiveness of its actions to combat slavery and trafficking? E.g. number of audits done, number of employee training provided
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P5 - Conducts on-site announced and unannounced audits conducted by third-party auditing firms to assess compliance with the Code. In 2020, "41 on-site audits took place for facilities managed by McDonald's UK." The audits specifically address modern slavery risks, "including a review of ethical recruitment practices to verify that workers are employed under voluntary conditions and have freedom of movement. This includes verification that workers are not charged illegal fees as a condition of employment; worker contracts are in local language and signed by the worker; and that suppliers do not retain workers’ government-issued identification, passports or work permits."


P5 - Suppliers are also required to "complete a rigorous self-assessment questionnaire that appraises the supplier’s current practices and management systems. After completing the self-assessment questionnaire, suppliers receive a report indicating areas of opportunity."

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