Question: Does the modern slavery statement define the performance indicators against which the company measures the effectiveness of its actions to combat slavery and trafficking? E.g. number of audits done, number of employee training provided
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Pg. 26

“Assessment of Effectiveness of Our Actions

In line with the requirements of the Act, on an annual basis, our modern slavery working groups covering our operations, supply chains, and investment portfolios will provide reporting and transparency to the senior leaders who comprise our principal governing body. This reporting will include the progress of our modern slavery initiatives, an assessment of the effectiveness of measures to date, and suggested actions moving forward.

To provide this reporting, our modern slavery working groups will collaborate to track our commitments described above in section 5 and evaluate our effectiveness in assessing and addressing modern slavery risks in our operations, supply chains, and investment portfolios.”

pg. 27

“In line with our principles of transparency, problem identification, and constant improvement, our modern slavery working group covering our operations and supply chains is empowered to modify the design of our modern slavery risk framework and risk assessment methodology in order maximize impact and effectiveness. In addition, the group may reassess its membership—which currently consists of professionals from our security, legal, procurement, technology, and finance departments—as additional stakeholders and representatives from across Bridgewater and its owned and controlled entities are engaged.”

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