Question: Does the company disclose the ownership structures (or business models) of its brands, subsidiaries, and other businesses?
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P2- States it is a “franchised business” and the franchises “operate over 1,300 restaurants.” In addition to the restaurants, the head office is “based across four offices across the country” with the main UK office in East Finchley, London. 10% of the Mcdonald’s restaurants in the UK are owned and operated by the company and 90% are owned and operated by franchises.

P3 - lists the number of restaurants and franchises in the UK (200 franchises and 1,353 restaurants) and globally (38,000 restaurants).

P4 - McDonald's “franchise network is comprised of separate legal entities," but the Company works "to ensure that there are no modern slavery or human trafficking issues in their businesses.” The Company provides the franchise’s guidance on recruitment practices and a People Review is carried out as part of the Restaurant Operations Improvement Process (ROIP), which is "a comprehensive assessment of [the] franchises to ensure guidance, including on modern slavery practices, is being followed as intended."

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