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Does the company’s statement identify specific geographic regions (e.g. Indonesia), industries (e.g. agriculture), resources (e.g. Palm Oil) or types of workforce (e.g. migrant workers) where the risk of modern slavery is the greatest?"
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"We prioritize work on supply chains in which the most severe human rights risks, including forced labor, may be present, including, for example, cocoa, fish, and palm oil."

pg. 15

"Cocoa for Generations is our integrated approach to sourcing cocoa responsibly and working toward sustainable practices. By 2025, we aim to be traceable (from the farmer to the first point of purchase) and will work with our suppliers and certifiers with the goal of deploying child labor monitoring and remediation systems to 100% of our at -risk cocoa supply chain"

" As members of ICI, we supported research conducted by Verité in 2017 and 2018 to understand drivers of forced labor risks in the West African cocoa sector. The research found that while forced labor risk is present in the cocoa sector in Côte d’Ivoire, it appears to be limited primarily to a narrow group of people: recently arrived migrant workers."

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