Question: Does the company’s statement identify specific geographic regions (e.g. Indonesia), industries (e.g. agriculture), resources (e.g. Palm Oil) or types of workforce (e.g. migrant workers) where the risk of modern slavery is the greatest?"
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Gap inc.
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"Gap Inc. works with governments, NGOs, and trade unions, and monitors resources – such as the

U.S. Department of State’s Trafficking in Persons Annual Report and the Global Slavery Index –

to identify high risk areas in our supply chain. We adopt a comprehensive view of the industry

and areas of risk and focus our efforts where we do business and where our programs can have

the greatest impact. Further, we have built a map of our suppliers’ Tier 2 textile mill locations

and will be pursuing further due diligence in textile mills that are located in areas that are

deemed high risk. We have communicated responsible recruitment requirements to Tier 2 mills

in Taiwan and South Korea where there is elevated risk to foreign contract workers and expect

suppliers in those countries to comply with our requirements by the end of 2020. "

Tom Tweddle.....2020-10-18 15:09:19 UTC