Question: Does the statement describe consulting with any entities that it owns or controls?
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MSA Consultation Process
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Section 6 "Engaging with ecosystem entities" (from page 31) mentions consultation with owned and controlled entities.


-"The development of this Statement was led by our Human Rights team with input from a range of teams and functions, including Woolworths Food Group, BIG W, Primary Connect, Legal, Procurement, Culture and People, and Risk. Relevant members of the Group Executive Committee (ExCo) also reviewed this Statement." (pg. 31)


-Table containing details of the Group's consultation framework/engagement for the purpose of preparing the Statement and mitigating risks of modern slavery. This table includes details of engagement undertaken with wholly owned, majority owned/controlled and minority investment entities in relation to Woolworths Group. (pg. 31)

Rebecca Zhong.....2022-12-18 15:18:37 UTC