Question: Has the company reviewed business KPIs to ensure they are not increasing risk of modern slavery? (E.g. expansion to production countries that have a lot of migrant workers)
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We have set a goal to have all of our strategic suppliers be rated yellow or green by 2020. To

help reach that goal, we continue to operate our Workforce Engagement Program, which by

opening communication channels for workers to safely and anonymously share feedback with

management, contributes to an enabling environment for improved worker-management

relationships and drives facility improvements. The program also allows us to assess facility

performance based on the data we receive directly from workers through surveys and interviews.

Our Workforce Engagement Program was developed in partnership with Verite, and consisted of

written worker and management surveys, focus group discussions, and individual interviews

with over 80 facilities from 2015 to 2017. In 2018, we transitioned the program to a vendorowned approach that puts technology-based grievance mechanisms at its center; this new

approach has been implemented in over 45 factories to date.

Tom Tweddle.....2020-10-18 15:44:51 UTC