Question: Has the company reviewed business KPIs to ensure they are not increasing risk of modern slavery? (E.g. expansion to production countries that have a lot of migrant workers)
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Adidas AG
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pg. 2 "We measure our suppliers through an annual social compliance Key Performance Indicator. The indicator evaluates a supplier’s compliance with our Workplace Standards, which include a prohibition against the use of any form of forced labour, child labour or human trafficking. Information on the social compliance performance rating of our key strategic suppliers in 2020 can be found in our annual report. Suppliers are also expected to apply appropriate due diligence measures to their subordinate subcontracting relationships to prevent and mitigate human and labour rights issues, including forced labour." Singh Anjali[].....2021-07-12 09:39:02 UTC

Lucia Ixtacuy.....2021-09-24 13:08:22 UTC