Question: Does the company provide a commitment on, or detail their action to ensure living wages throughout their supply chain?
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SE has been a committed Living Wage employer in the UK since 2013 and paid the Irish Living Wage since 2016. Checks are carried out by payroll every month to ensure that SSE remains compliant with its own voluntary commitment to paying the real Living Wage. Everyone working within SSE’s supply chain that work regularly on SSE sites in the UK must also receive at least the real Living Wage rate

SSE has completed its first year of being an accredited Living Hours employer, underlining its commitment to providing workers with secure, guaranteed working hours. The Living Hours initiative requires employers to both pay the real Living Wage and commit to provide at least four weeks’ notice for every shift, with guaranteed payment if shifts are cancelled within this notice period. Living Hours employers also provide a guaranteed minimum of 16 working hours every week (unless the worker requests otherwise), and a contract that accurately reflects hours worked.

As well as being Chair of the Living Wage Leadership Group in Scotland, SSE has been a member of the Living Hours Steering Group for three years, supporting the Living Wage Foundation to develop this new and important standard.

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Living Wage Clause

SSE’s Living Wage Clause has been included in all new services and works contracts issued since 2014. It requires that the real Living Wage to be paid to employees throughout every tier of SSE’s supply chain when they are providing services regularly on SSE sites or to SSE’s customers on its behalf in the UK, including SSE’s offshore wind projects. Over 2020/21, SSE has progressed with updating this clause to a new Living Wage and Living Hours Clause to reflect its Living Hours commitment across its supply chain. This will be rolled out across SSE’s supply chain over 2022/23

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