Question: Does the company provide a commitment on, or detail their action to ensure living wages throughout their supply chain?
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pg. 25

“Supplier selection and onboarding During FY22 495 new suppliers were onboarded using the APA supplier onboarding process. The process ensures suppliers declare their commitment to respect workers’ fundamental human rights before they are added to our systems. These commitments include:

- paying a fair wage in accordance with all relevant State and Commonwealth laws and regulations”

Manali Rana.....2023-05-08 10:25:08 UTC

P. 26 "The communications aimed to raise awareness of modern slavery and help promote positive purchasing decisions in work and at home. Close to the Easter 2022 period, we published an article on the 2022 Chocolate Scorecard 1, which assesses chocolate companies on key sustainability issues including traceability of cocoa beans and transparency of supply chain; payment of a living income; and the eradication of child labour in its cocoa production processes and the prevalence of policies, plans and remediation schemes to address this issue."

Lucia Ixtacuy.....2023-05-19 16:27:01 UTC

Fair wage mentioned does not equate to commitment to pay living wage.

Similarly, the chocolate scorecard case was a communications piece meant to engage people on a topic, but not a commitment by the company

theresah.....2023-06-01 16:08:16 UTC