Question: Does the company mention membership in or partnership with industry specific multi-stakeholder initiatives that address modern slavery issues at one or more levels of the supply chain (raw materials, textiles, manufacturing)?
Walk Free
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"Collaboration and engagement

During the 2022 financial year, the Wesfarmers Group participated in and facilitated many initiatives whereby organisations worked together to solve problems, share knowledge, cultivate best practice and foster innovation including the:

− Better Cotton Initiative − Cleaning Accountability Framework − Sustainable Apparel Coalition

− United Nations Global Compact Network Australia including as a member of the Modern Slavery Community of Practice. "

“Wesfarmers’ divisions engaged with non-government organisations on a range of projects including formal collaborations and certification schemes. We hosted (and participated in) stakeholder engagement sessions supporting the review of the MSA and hosted the release of the remediation guidance by Walk Free. Our ethical sourcing programs are enhanced by partnering with organisations like the International Labour Organisation and International Finance Corporation Better Work Program. Likewise, third-party organisations such as Baptist World Aid assess and rate the Group’s performance, helping to drive our program and reduce modern slavery risks.”

pg. 29

"Below, we list selected organisations with which our businesses partnered and collaborated during FY2022."

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