Question: Does the company mention membership in or partnership with industry specific multi-stakeholder initiatives that address modern slavery issues at one or more levels of the supply chain (raw materials, textiles, manufacturing)?
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We have collaborated with Oritain who are independent specialists in tracing and verification of fibre origins. This tracing project allows Myer to validate the locations, which certain fibres are sourced from, and work back with the suppliers to obtain further information around the facility. Oritain was used to verify Certified Australian Merino Wool, and in future anticipate this program will be extended to certify origins of other raw materials, such as cotton.' - 11


Collaboration forms a key part of our modern slavery program, as we acknowledge that the complex goals cannot be achieved in isolation. A number of our internal business units work together to ensure our program is effective in identifying and mitigating human rights risks, including those across our procurement, merchandise, finance and ethical sourcing functions.

In addition, Myer works alongside other retailers and non-government organisations to share information, improve our knowledge and validate actions with regard to modern slavery. Over the year we have consulted with a number of organisations such as NARTA and the National Retail Association Modern Slavery Committee. Open discussions in these groups centre around sharing best practice, and the development of systems to achieve mutual goals and to avoid duplication of work, particularly that which places the compliance burden on the supplier and factory.

Myer remains open to working back with retailers, non-government organisations and multi-stakeholder initiatives, which promote collaboration to achieve outcomes.' - 13

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