Question: Is the company considered to be part of the financial services sector?
list Yes, No
Walk Free
Unverified - Added by Steward
Variable Metric Value Year
m1 No value 2023
m2 No value 2023
Alliance for Corporate Transparency+Image
Research lock
No value 2023
m4 No value 2023
statement Yes - Australian Modern Slavery Act 2023
m5 No value 2023
= c1 = m1.includes "Financial/ insurance and real estate activities" c2 = m2.includes "Financial/ insurance and real estate activities" c3 = m3.includes "Financials" c4 = m4.includes "Financial Services" c5 = m5.includes "Yes - Asset Owner" c6 = m5.includes "Yes - Investment Manager" c7 = m5.includes "Yes - Service Provider" if statement.includes "No - neither" "Unknown" else if c1 || c2 || c3 || c4 || c5 || c6 || c7 "Yes" else "No"