2021 | Selfridges & Co Ltd | Employee dialogue (sector specific)
Does the company mention engaging directly in dialogue with suppliers’ workers at one or more levels of the supply chain (raw materials, textiles, manufacturing) as part of their due diligence?
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Pg. 11

“Concession team member approvals: Both Selfridges and concessions approve concession team members before they can work in store. Checks include written confirmation that the person’s right-to-work has been checked. We also hold a store approval interview to ensure these individuals are aware of and will work in line with our values. All concession team members are registered on our People system.”

Manali Rana.....2023-01-16 09:42:04 UTC

Changed answer to No as concession workers wouldn't count as suppliers.

theresah.....2023-02-22 11:54:30 UTC