Question: Does the company mention engaging directly in dialogue with suppliers’ workers at one or more levels of the supply chain (raw materials, textiles, manufacturing) as part of their due diligence?
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'Supplier Code'

'We communicate our standards and requirements for doing business with use to our suppliers (including our third-party manufacturing contractors and product licensees) through out Code of Conduct for Business Partners (the 'Supplier Code'). The Supplier Code is informed by international standards, and conveys our expectations around wages, benefits and working hours; prison, forced and child labor; freedom of association and disciplinary practices within the supply chain; and any other legal requirements and ethical standards that our business partners must abide by' P.4


Verification of Product Supply Chains to Evaluate and Address Risks of Modern Slavery


Certifications P.5

Julia Spicer.....2022-12-10 05:56:57 UTC

'Before conducting business with us, direct supply chain partners are screened through our internal risk assessment process to evaluate the risks of modern slavery at the supplier level' P.5

Julia Spicer.....2022-12-10 05:58:05 UTC

'Each direct supplier and licensee must certify compliance with the Supplier Code' P.6



'As part of our factory compliance program, all direct suppliers must register their factories and facilities with our factory compliance team, indicating the locations of those facilities and authorizing us to conduct compliance audits' P.6

Julia Spicer.....2022-12-10 05:59:55 UTC

Pg. 6

“During the on-site audit, the independent third-party auditor will visit and inspect the facility, conduct interviews with supervisors, managers and workers at the facility (without supervisors and managers present), and review relevant books and records of the third-party manufacturer.”

Manali Rana.....2023-01-23 12:02:37 UTC