2021 | Burberry Group plc | Employee dialogue (sector specific)
Does the company mention engaging directly in dialogue with suppliers’ workers at one or more levels of the supply chain (raw materials, textiles, manufacturing) as part of their due diligence?
updated 5 months ago by Manali Rana

pg. 12

“Worker interviews are always conducted confidentially and workers are selected at random with fair representation of the workforce including, for example, union and worker representatives, first aiders, migrant workers and a gender diverse sample. Our audit methodology prescribes that we interview at least 10% of the workers in a factory.”

Manali Rana.....2023-01-13 15:42:34 UTC

p. 21 "We also surveyed approximately 3,300 workers across 30 facilities globally to

build a better understanding of workers’ wellbeing and identify opportunities for

improvement. In FY2020/21 we introduced a communication training programme

in two European production facilities and further expanded it in FY 2021/22 to two

additional suppliers where a need was identified. The aim of the programme was to

build communication skills and improve interaction between workers, supervisors

and factory management. As a result, the facilities introduced stronger worker

consultation and feedback mechanisms, improving internal dialogue. We continued

to evolve our approach to workers’ wellbeing to better capture and measure key

wellbeing dimensions and more effectively address worker priorities. Our key vendors

were consulted to inform the review of the methodology and ensure their input and

suggestions were taken into account. "

Lucia Ixtacuy.....2023-02-03 16:15:38 UTC