Question: Does the investor disclose in its modern slavery statement that it assesses investee companies prior to investment to identify potential modern slavery risk areas?
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"Our Investment StewardshipThe vast majority of Vanguard’s funds under management globally are held in indexed portfolios that are designed to track market indices that are based on market capitalisation weightings, not on individual stock selection decisions or exclusions. This approach is fundamental to our ability to deliver efficient, Vanguard Australia Modern Slavery Statement

3low-cost access to market returns to over 30 million investors globally and to engender real changes in the financial prosperity and lives of our investors. This investment approach means that Vanguard’s funds may be indirectly exposed to modern slavery risks through the operations of the public companies in which the Vanguard funds invest. To address this, Vanguard has a dedicated investment stewardship team that is responsible for portfolio company engagement and proxy voting on behalf of Vanguard’s internally managed equity funds. The team actively engages with portfolio companies and their boards to understand how boards oversee material risks that have the potential to affect long-term value for shareholders—ranging from business and operational risks, to corporate governance risks, to environmental and social risks.This includes key social risks such as modern slavery and human rights, as well as other ESG risks such as those arising from companies’ diversity and governance practices, and material environmental risks such as climate change. The Investment Stewardship team comprises over 40 professionals located in Vanguard’s US head office and in London, and oversees investment stewardship activities concerning Vanguard’s holdings in more than 12,000 companies worldwide." pp. 2-3

Bernadette Joudo.....2021-12-17 06:38:58 UTC

I have changed the answer to No because the company seems to refer to risk assessment and identification within their investment portfolio (see page 3).

Sofia Gonzalez De Aguinaga.....2021-12-30 19:09:41 UTC