Question: Does the company report the percentage of their products that are sustainable or eco-friendly?
Yes- and company provides evidence or detail
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pg. 15

"Creating products that last

Expected lifetime of Fairphone 3, 3+ and 4

(2021) Actual 5.5 years Goal 4.5 years"

pg. 17

“We introduced our True Wireless Earbuds in 2021. We integrated Fairtrade Gold and used 30% recycled materials in the housing of the earbuds. We slowed down battery degradation by reducing the charging rate, so they can be used for around 800 charge cycles - far longer than most earbuds.”

pg. 20


We fulfilled our e-waste neutral guarantee for the Fairphone 4 device and modules by taking back or compensating the equivalent of 100% of sold units in electronic end-of-use products.”

pg. 23


Last year, the Fairphone 4 contained 31% fair materials, while we had hoped to achieve 55% by year’s end.”

"Aluminium and Plastic

We were, however, able to integrate an even larger percentage of postconsumer recycled plastics (60%) among the plastics that the phone still uses."

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