Sample Assignment - Rating Company Sustainability Performance

Rating companies*

*Our Ratings functionality is still in development, but will be ready to use by the start of the next academic year.

  • Number of students: 0 - infinity Any number of students, individually or in groups
  • Preparation time: ½ - 1 class; Identifying the key performance indicators for an industry and selecting relevant metrics (Part 1) can be a classroom activity, a small group activity, or decided by lecturer prior to the assignment. Because this is a subjective exercise, it may be useful to have an open discussion around good practices and go from there. Which method you choose will determine the activity’s length.
  • Activity time: 2 hours (Part 2); depending on how many metrics are chosen;10-20 mins/metric (Part 3); deciding what question you are asking, and how to score each metric will take the bulk of your time; Depends (Part 4); You can test multiple weights depending on what information you decided is more important.; 1-4 hours (Part 5)

Do a rating on a specific industry where a number of companies are selected, and where the students are asked to:

  1. Identify the key performance indicators for an industry and select relevant metrics to reflect the KPIs

  2. Populate values for the selected metrics (as in sample assignment 1)

  3. Score the populated metrics

  4. Allocate weights between the scored metrics

  5. Write about one (or more) WikiRating you created, explaining why you chose the scorings and weights you did, and what the output shows

The result of this expanded scope is a final rating, with full transparency on how it was created for anyone to see and scrutinise. The next year this rating can be improved and expanded in new student cohorts to include more companies.