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This sub-metric is used to evaluate the metric : ""5.2 Sustainable fishing""
With this metric we aim to publicise and compare the policies adopted by the main distributors in Spain regarding the responsible purchasing and marketing of their fish and aquaculture products and their efforts in certification, labelling, legislative compliance, non-commercialisation of illegal fishing, no conflicting fish and the promotion of sustainable fishing.

Up to 20% of the world's fisheries are illegal, according to the United Nations (UN), which negatively affects the marine ecosystem. Moreover, 33% of the world's fish stocks are overfished.
According to this organisation, sustainab

What do we understand by a Sustainable Fishing Policy?

The company must document and publish in an accessible, clear and exhaustive way a specific and comprehensive policy regarding the purchase of fishery products with which it demonstrates its commitment to the sustainability of the species and the marine environment, the legislation and the correct traceability of everything the process (from its capture, transport and distribution to making it available to consumers), the capture or breeding, the origin of the raw material, to the correct labeling and information to the consumer.
It must be based on specific actions and initiatives and be reviewed every year based on the evolution of the company's performance and the new challenges and risks of the sector in terms of sustainability.

Finally, the company must make this sustainable purchasing policy public and make it easily accessible to any interested party through an individual document or clearly differentiated in any of its non-financial reports.

This information can be found in any of the following reports published on the companies' website:

- Annual memory
- Corporate Social Responsibility Report
- Sustainability Report
- Environmental Report
- Report on Carbon Footprint
- Non-Financial Information Statement (EINF)