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We consider relevant measures those of great impact in order to reduce GHGs, which are associated with the main sources of emissions of the sector to which the company belongs and which serve as an example to other competitors


We value with a "YES" if the company has implemented at least 3 significant measures in terms of reducing emissions during the year of its reports and they are clearly detailed in any of its annual reports. Some examples of relevant actions are:

- Energy consumption from energies 100% of renewable origin.

- Self-consumption of renewable energy through photovoltaic installations

- Low emission transport such as electric

- Logistics efficiency measures (route optimization, fleet with Euro V rating and higher, ..)

-Reduction of refrigerant gas leaks (leak detectors,

-Improvement of the efficiency of the refrigeration systems (better insulation, optimization of the temperature, ..)

-Concrete energy efficiency measures (Installation of home automation, LED lights

- ISO 50001 Energy Efficiency Certification

-Cold chain certified by AENOR

-Compensation of emissions through investment in projects


We will assign a "NO" if:

• We did not find statements in this regard in any of the reports.

• The company only communicates less than 3 relevant measures


This information can be found in any of the following reports published on its website:

• Annual memory

• Corporate Social Responsibility Report

• Sustainability Report

• Environmental Report

• Report on Carbon Footprint


• Non-Financial Information Statement (EINF)