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This sub-metric is used to evaluate the metric : ""5.1 Protection of biodiversity and management of the impacts of the activity""
With this metric based on the "" GRI 304: Biodiversity "" standard, we intend to evaluate how companies recognize and manage the impacts of their activity on biodiversity and establish measures to minimize and preserve them

We will "assign a" "YES" "to this question if:

- The company declares that it has carried out concrete and relevant measures to protect biodiversity. We value any action related to projects, campaigns or initiatives, both our own and those of third parties.

We summarize some good practices carried out by the supermarkets evaluated so far:

- Construction of landscaped roofs with nest boxes, drinkers and feeders for birds and hotels for insects, etc ...
- Initiatives for the recovery of natural spaces
- Participation in tree reforestation programs
- Responsible purchasing policy of raw materials with less impact on biodiversity
- Programs to promote environmental sustainability aimed at schoolchildren
- Maintenance of the garden areas with sustainable methods (without pesticides and manual methods)
- Creation of �biodiversity� reserves
- Forest restoration projects
- Promotion and Marketing of traditional horticultural varieties �. - Recover FROM traditional seeds
-Organization of cleaning operations of natural spaces
- Actions for the protection of bees (prohibition of chemicals in harmful fruit and vegetables, BEE FRIENDLY label, which guarantees good agricultural practices in relation to pollinating insects.

This information can be found in any of the following reports published on the companies' website:

- Annual memory
- Corporate Social Responsibility Report
- Sustainability Report
- Environmental Report
- Report on Carbon Footprint
- Non-Financial Information Statement (EINF)