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This metric is part of Eticonsum's research study on the evaluation of companies in the Retail Food sector on environmental, social and ethical issues.
Eticonsum is a non-profit market research agency specialising in ESG (environment, social, governance) corporate performance applied to consumer insights.
We research and analyse the ethical market in the FMCG sector and evaluate the environmental and social performance of companies in order to help both conscious consumers to decide according to their values and companies to compete on ethical reputation.

With this metric we refer to the 2 most important aspects of sustainable energy consumption: Efficiency and Savings.

Energy saving involves a change in consumption habits such as avoiding energy waste.
Energy efficiency is the fact of minimising the amount of energy needed to satisfy the demand without affecting its quality; it means replacing one piece of equipment with another that, with the same performance, consumes less electricity, for example.

In order to reduce energy consumption as much as possible, energy saving and energy efficiency measures should be combined.