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This metric is part of the Eticonsum research study on the evaluation of companies in the Retail Food sector in environmental, social and ethical matters.

Eticonsum is a non-profit market research agency specialized in corporate performance ESG (environment, social, governance) applied to consumer knowledge.

We research and analyze the ethical market of the FMCG sector and evaluate the environmental and social performance of companies in order to help both conscious consumers to decide according to their values, and companies to compete on ethical reputation.

With this metric we evaluate how the company measures and publishes its scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, which we classify as:

Scope 1:

This scope covers direct GHG emissions, from sources that are owned or controlled by the organization, such as refrigerant gases, diesel or natural gas.

Scope 2:

Scope 2 considers indirect GHG gas emissions from the generation and use of electricity.