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This metric is part of the Eticonsum research study on the evaluation of companies in the Retail Food sector in environmental, social and ethical matters.

Eticonsum is a non-profit market research agency specialized in corporate performance ESG (environment, social, governance) applied to consumer knowledge.

We research and analyze the ethical market of the FMCG sector and evaluate the environmental and social performance of companies in order to help both conscious consumers to decide according to their values, and companies to compete on ethical reputation.


With this metric, we evaluate the objectives established by the company in terms of reducing and / or offsetting its carbon footprint with specific and quantified objectives and measures. In this sense and throughout our ratings, in those indicators that include the evaluation of objectives, we value that these are SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and temporary), not simple declarations of intent without specification or deadlines.

In the event that a company has already made significant efforts in terms of reduction and is at a time when these measures are exhausted, we value emissions compensation as a valid alternative and so on until reaching the ideal goal that would be to become one " zero emissions company ".