Question: Has the company established a system to accurately review the information they gathered in Step 1?
list Yes, No
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"We conduct a review of smelter/refinery information provided in the supplier surveys to determine the actual number of unique smelters/refiners identified by its suppliers and whether each has been audited by a third party or presents a “red flag” as defined by the OECD Framework. To make the determination of each smelter/refiner’s conflict status, we rely upon information provided by RMI. RMI conducts an industry-standard Responsible Minerals Assurance Program (“RMAP”), in which it certifies smelters/refiners worldwide by conducting an independent audit to validate company-level management and sourcing processes for responsible mineral procurement. RMI makes available to the public the list of smelters/refiners that it has certified as “Conformant”, which identifies smelters/refiners that are in conformance with the RMAP assessment protocols and that bear the highest level of Conflict Minerals responsible sourcing certification set by RMI."