Question: Has the company established a system to accurately review the information they gathered in Step 1?
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"- Requested IBM’s in-scope direct suppliers to identify SORs and related Conflict Minerals information through the use of the CMRT. - Reviewed the information provided in the CMRTs against IBM’s validation criteria. - Managed collection of CMRTs and tracked status of supplier responses. - Analyzed the CMRTs for completeness and accuracy, and, when appropriate, communicated errors and actions required to in-scope direct suppliers. - Used RMI Compliant Smelter Sourcing Information and other research to ascertain whether any Conflict Minerals in the Covered Products may have originated in the Covered Countries. - Compared SORs identified by the in-scope direct suppliers against RMI information to determine valid SORs and their RMAP status; also checked the status of SORs against LBMA and RJC CoC information. - Engaged a third-party consultant to research SORs identified as sourcing Conflict Minerals from Covered Countries."