2018 | AngloGold Ashanti | Risks Listed - Public or private security forces (6.A.3)
Does the company include public or private security forces as a risk in its responsible minerals sourcing policy?
"We are aware that, included among our primary challenges, are: respect for the resources, values, traditions and cultures of local and indigenous communities; issues of access to land; environmental impacts including access to clean water; avoiding damaging as far as possible the right to livelihoods, including those whose livelihood has historically been reliant on artisanal mining; operating with respect for human rights in post-conflict and weak governance zones; ensuring respect for human rights in deployment of security forces through, among other things, compliance with the Voluntary Principles on Security and Human Rights, and consideration for societies’ most marginalised individuals and groups. Risks and challenges may change, and this will be reviewed regularly. " p. 4-5