2018 | Johnson&Johnson | Risk Mitigation Plan (Step 3.A.X)
Does the company describe a risk mitigation plan?
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Through its membership in RMI, the Company encourages and supports independent third-party audits of SORs’ supply chain due diligence practices. For any SOR that has not been validated through such an audit and which the Company determines to be of particular high risk-for example, because of reliable evidence of sourcing from covered countries-the Company (a) seeks to confirm from its relevant immediate suppliers whether 3TG processed by the SOR is in fact in its supply chain, and (b) places additional emphasis on advocating for the SOR to participate in a conformance assessment program such as the RMAP. If the sourcing due diligence practices of a non-validated, high-risk SOR confirmed to be in the Company’s supply chain do not improve, the Company will work to develop corrective action, which may include encouraging its immediate suppliers to transition sourcing away from that SOR."