Question: Does the company describe the management team in charge of responsible mineral sourcing/trade?
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"Conflict Minerals team We have established a cross functional Conflict Minerals project team comprising executive level management with coordinators from the business units involved, to direct the overall efforts of the Conflict Minerals compliance program. The Company’s CFO (Chief Financial Officer) has sponsored this team and the compliance program has been approved by the Company’s executive management committees, which include the heads of Eni’s business units and central departments. Our only business segment involved in the program has also established a team responsible for conducting, supervising and coordinating all relevant activities at divisional level and reporting to the Group’s management team regarding the results of the activities performed. In addition, we have adopted internal, Group-level procedures and rules so as to raise awareness about our intention to establish a responsible supply chain and to establish Group guidelines on how to design and conduct due diligence on conflict minerals."