Question: Is the company's responsible minerals policy aligned with recommendations specific to their supply chain location (Downstream Companies)?
Implements a smelter/refiner identification system,
Has transparency system through which they identify all countries of origin and transport and transit for the minerals in the supply chains of each of their smelters/refiners,
Supports digital information sharing systems on suppliers (including smelters/refiners)
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"Our supplier survey data revealed 311 potential 3TG SORs, which processed 3TGs, in the Microsoft supply chain. " p. 14-17 "Microsoft participated in or has been a member of several industry-wide responsible mining and smelting initiatives: RMAP, ITRI’s iTSCi program, PPA, IRMA, Pact, and ARM. We also conducted smelter outreach on behalf of the RMAP Smelter Engagement Team to further the RMAP program."