Question: Is the company's responsible minerals policy aligned with recommendations specific to their supply chain location (Downstream Companies)?
Supports digital information sharing systems on suppliers (including smelters/refiners)
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"With respect to initiatives aimed at improving SOR validation, we continue to support the Responsible Minerals Initiative (“RMI”) as a member, as well as through participation in RMI plenary member conference calls and as a part of its Due Diligence Practice Team. The RMI has designed and manages the RMAP, a process designed to identify the SORs that process 3TG minerals. The RMAP consists of an independent third-party assessment of SOR management systems and sourcing policies to validate conformance with RMAP standards and current global standards, including the OECD Guidance. Our membership in the RMI, which we view as critical to our Program, gives us access to RCOI and smelter validation data, information regarding sourcing initiatives and regulatory developments, and valuable tools and resources which we are able to use to enhance our Program. Through our membership, we also support several complementary programs/organizations with which the RMI regularly collaborates to address conflict minerals issues from an industry perspective."