Question: Is the company's responsible minerals policy aligned with recommendations specific to their supply chain location (Downstream Companies)?
Supports digital information sharing systems on suppliers (including smelters/refiners)
LG Chem
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p.53 "The child labor issue in the mining of cobalt cannot be resolved by LG Chem alone. Accordingly, LG Chem participates in international initiatives to cooperate with other companies. LG Chem became a member of the Responsible Cobalt Initiative (RCI) supervised by the China Chamber of Commerce of Minerals, Metals and Chemicals (CCCMC) in 2017. LG Chem will also register as a member of the Responsible Minerals Initiatives (RMI) under the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA) by June 2019. In addition to joining of the initiatives, we make joint efforts with EV makers to resolve the issue. In 2019, we demonstrated a cobalt supply verification system using the ‘blockchain’ technology by collaborating with global companies including EV makers, IT companies, raw material Cobalt mining site suppliers and international verification agencies like ‘RCS Global.’ The blockchain technology uses distributed data storage to prevent manipulation and hacking of data. This system can help manage the cobalt supply chain transparently. LG Chem aims to fundamentally prevent the use of minerals that infringe human rights."