Question: Is the company's responsible minerals policy aligned with recommendations specific to their supply chain location (Downstream Companies)?
Implements a smelter/refiner identification system,
Supports digital information sharing systems on suppliers (including smelters/refiners)
Daimler AG
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They must have a system to identify SoRs, because they published a list of cobalt SoRs, but it is not clear what system they use to identify them.. Disclosure on traceability/chain of custody is not specific enough: "Daimler is also expanding its activities for improving sustainable raw material supply chains through its participation in initiatives such as the Responsible Cobalt Initiative, the Responsible Minerals Initiative, the Responsible Steel Initiative and the Aluminium Stewardship Initiative. Here we focus on targeted cooperation with relevant stakeholders in raw material supply chains in order to improve working conditions and prevent human rights violations in raw material mining operations. These initiatives serve as important platforms that also make available sophisticated instruments for ensuring the safe origin of materials such as cobalt, steel and aluminum. Daimler continues to actively support their practical implementation. " p. 110