Question: Does the company describe the internal management of the minerals due diligence program including, the management structure and/or role of senior management?
Describes management structure
Although they do not explicitly say these different departments are responsible for minerals due diligence, given the company is an upstream mining company and they clearly outline which grievances are the responsilibity of which department I thought this category 'description of management structure' applies. "Grievances from suppliers regarding commercial or contractual issues are handled by the Logistics & Procurement Department. Worker grievances are handled by the Human Resources and Legal and Compliance Services departments. The Community Grievance Management Procedure is managed by the CBG Resettlement, Compensation and Grievance Coordinator (RCGC) of the Community Relations Team. The RCGC ensures the application of the grievance procedure and is assisted by the Community Relations Superintendent (CRS) and by Community Relations Coordinators (CRCs). " p. 28