Question: Does the company describe the internal management of the minerals due diligence program including, the management structure and/or role of senior management?
Describes management structure
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"Part A of the CFGS was assessed for all of AngloGold Ashanti's operations by an internal team appointed in each region. Part A involves a conflict and sanctions assessment of all of AngloGold Ashanti's mine locations and uses official sources on international sanctions and conflict recognition. These include the European Union, United Nations Security Council and UK government sanction and embargo lists. As specified in the CFGS, external sources were also used to evaluate the presence of conflict or high risk in the countries where AngloGold Ashanti operates or transports its product. The Heidelberg Institute's Conflict Barometer was used to assess the location and intensity of conflicts. This data also informed which countries would be reported on. " p. 5 The final two parts of the CFGS refer to a company statement confirming that AngloGold Ashanti accepted externally-sourced gold from Matsa Resources Limited at the Sunrise Dam Mine Australia. Initial due diligence was undertaken and it reasonably determined that there were no links between the gold and gold-bearing material and areas assessed to be ‘conflict affected or high-risk’. A management statement of conformance that depends on the work involved in the other four parts was completed. The AngloGold Ashanti corporate team carried out these components. Assurance processes were undertaken as part of the internal and independent process to review AngloGold Ashanti's compliance to the CFGS. The internal assurance process was undertaken by Group Internal Audit and this included tracking of the implementation process, identification and analysis of compliance readiness based on the CFGS Implementation Guidelines. " p.6