2017 | Coal India Limited | NVG Principle 6 Policy Applicable Beyond Own Operations
Does the policy related to Principle 6 apply to the broader company network, thus going beyond its own operations?
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From page 52-63, the policies and initiatives under Principle 6 is applicable to CIL and it's subsidiaries only

Anuja Singh.....2019-01-10 15:38:50 UTC

"IL is a holding company that executes CSR activities throughout the country as well as in the areas which are beyond the jurisdiction of subsidiary companies. As far as subsidiary companies are as well as other areas including the Headquarters for which 80% of the budget is allocated. The balance 20% is spent within the State or States in which the subsidiary companies operate. CIL has entered into an MOU with the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), a National CSR hub for implementation of CSR activities....


Environmental Sustainability and Conservation of Natural Resources


Our mission to mitigate the threat to existing ecosystem and sustainability of income

generating activities has increased our role in environment and social well being. We have embraced responsibility to protect environmental vulnerability. Some of them are:


-Adoption and annual maintenance of butterfly habitat

-Installation of Solid Waste Management Plants at prominent temples

-Financial support for Himalaya Cleaning Campaign as part of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan

-Establishment of sixteen Central Ambient Air Quality Monitoring Systems (CAAQMS) in ten


Lucia Ixtacuy.....2019-01-18 15:38:14 UTC