Question: Has the company undertaken any other initiatives on, for instance, clean technology, energy efficiency, renewable energy?
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Annual Report 2016-17, pg 158-159


"Tata Power has a specific policy, timelines and targets for adoption of renewable energy and deployment of cleaner technologies. The Company’s mission “Being the Lead Adopter of Technology with a spirit of pioneering and calculated risk taking” enables adoption of advanced / disruptive technologies as well as develop some products and technological processes (value added f ly ash products, blending of coal, network management / restoration techniques in T&D etc.) through a structured short / medium & long term technological roadmap. The Company has a dedicated group Clean Tech & Applied Research to develop value added products from the solid waste i.e. ash which is generated from the thermal power plants. Some of the examples include demonstration of geo polymer cement with liquid additive (laid road), fly ash based cement paint (demo), introduction of liners for hywa (eliminate contamination between fly ash and coal), making bricks, plaster from bottom ash and using fly ash in ultrathin white topping roads and replacement of sand by bottom ash. The Company has increased the efficiencies of solar photovoltaic panels (13% to 16.8%), efficiency improvement initiatives in Renewable Energy (RE) like reactive power compensation, auxiliary consumption reduction, identification of defective modules through electroluminescence test & thermo-vision scanning, low cost hybrid ultra-capacitor (IISc), a multi fuel 5 KW CHP system (indigenisation cum development in progress) and also doing cutting edge research with the involvement of internal R&D Unit for power electronics to a full scale research and manufacturing hub in Bangalore, dedicated to the defense sector. A beginning in software development has been made for usage of drone in condition monitoring of hydro rock mass, stock pile measurement & transmission line tower."


Sustainability Report 2015-16, pg 36


"Tata Power has historically been a leader in foraying into Non-Carbon Emitting Sources (NCES) with its hydro power station being commissioned in 1915. This is more so evident now with the strategic intent of the company, which endeavours to generate 30-40% share of generation capacity to be non-fossil (including hydro) by 2025."

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