In which countries was the company involved in environmental incident reports?
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Explain why MANA tracks this data / why it is important to know this

When gathering the environmental incident reports that corporations are involved in, MANA’s algorithm captures lots of characteristics about these incidents, including their location. Looking at where these incidents take place helps us to understand if certain countries (or regions) are more likely to be the victims of malpractice and whether company’s have high risk countries where incidents are more frequent.


Explain how MANA tracks this data (i.e. algorithm)

MANA relies on its network of local and international organisations to report environmental incidents on the Internet and through online media channels like Twitter. Using their sophisticated algorithm, MANA extracts the following information from the identified sources:

  • Incident location;

  • Company concerned;

  • Source which made the incident known or identified it as accurate;

  • Environmental categorization (forest, deforestation, water, pollution… etc.);

  • Evidence (pictures, documents, testimonies of local communities …etc.);

  • Response of the company involved in the incident; and

  • Degree of public attention generated.

Lastly this data is then aggregated and organized in a suitable format for financiers to analyze it in their risk matrix.

*** Explain where on the MANA platform the user can find the data and sources ***

To research … go to the MANA website and …..

The following details about the incident locations should be provided in a comment to the metric value:

  • Specific region or city where the incident took place