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Part of keeping cattle is keeping the herd healthy. Animal medication can be part of this pursuit. Antibiotics are however a contested substance as it is often added to the animal feed as a preventative measure. This over-use of the substance can have many negative health impacts for both the animals as well as the consumer community. Keeping track of the use of antibiotics in the supply chain of companies as such adds to the transparency of their efforts to ensure the health and safety of both their animals and their customers.


Using search terms like "antibiotics", "animal medicine" or "medication" go through the company's CSR report and establish whether the use of anitbiotics is reported on.

If the ratio is not reported are required by this metric, try to find data that will allow you to calculate the ratio yourself (e.g. total number of animals, number of daily doses used annually, etc.). If you are able to calculate the ratio, please provide your calculations in a comment to the metric value.

If no specific data is reported, provide in a comment to the metric value whether animal medication is reported on at all and possibly which particular kinds of medicine are reported on.