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Responsible Investment Transparency Report

A responsible investment policy is the commitment from a company to integrate environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors into their investment strategy and ownership practices. 


To find the answer for the company you are researching, look in the company's responsible investment transparency report. The answer for the metric can be found under the indicator SG 01.1 - Strategy and Governance: RI policy and coverage.

If the company indicates that they have an investment policy that covers their responsible investment approach, enter the 'Yes' value and add/cite the company's transparency report as a source.

If the answer cannot be found in the company's transparency report, or the company is not a signatory to the PRI, then search on the company's website for a responsible investment policy document. If the company does not have a responsible investment policy, enter the 'No' value and add/cite the company website or transparency report as a source.

Responsible investment transparency reports can be found on the Principles for Responsible Investment website here

Further information on the PRI Reporting Framework 2018 for the Strategy and Governance module can be found here.