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Labor standards
Living wage
Modern slavery
Child labor
Protection of migrant workers
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Responsible Investment Transparency Report

Responsible investment is an investment approach that considers both financial returns and environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors in decision-making.

Responsible investment objectives are decided upon by companies and include objectives related to responsible investment processes, financial performance of investments, ESG characteristics of investments and capacity and resources. 


To find the answer for the company you are researching, look in the company's responsible investment transparency report. The answer for the metric can be found under the indicator SG 06.1 - Strategy and Governance: RI policy and coverage.

Read through the company's responsible investment objectives and look for specific references to labor issues in the garment industry. Enter the labor standards issues that the company includes in their objectives or select 'No' if the company does not include any. This indicator is voluntary to disclose which means that it may not be disclosed by all PRI signatories. If the answer cannot be found, enter 'Unknown' as your answer.

Responsible investment transparency reports can be found on the Principles for Responsible Investment website here

Further information on the PRI Reporting Framework 2018 for the Strategy and Governance module can be found here.