Introducing ratings

You want to know more about a company, but descriptive information about an issue is not enough. You need hard facts, that are comparable between companies and industries.

Wikirate's Rating system will allow you to take control of and populate the data upon which companies are assessed. You can use tried and tested metrics of organisations like Oxfam, or Climate Counts; or if you're ambitious enough you can propose your own metric, that you think is important.

Wikirate's Rating system is therefore more a toolbox rather than a rating in its own right - the outcome of Wikirate is not one rating, but many ratings. will provide the tools for anyone to replicate the ratings from existing rating providers, and to create or expand their own ratings. In effect,'s rating system is simply a way to unlock the hidden value of data that currently floating around the internets or sits within organisations, and to make ratings fully transparent - on you can find the information used in the rating, as well as information NOT used in the rating. 

How to participate...

  • if you are an organisation that has information: share your data with us. We try to make this as easy as possible. Please contact us if you have datasets to share (email us on ). By sharing your data on Wikirate, you open up your research to a wider audience and get the information closer to the attention of companies and decision makers.
  • as a community member: you can take information out there on Wikirate and arrange metrics (coming soon) according to what you think is most important. This arrangement counts as votes and affects what gets shown to anyone viewing Wikirate.

You can also quickly add data to a metric which has not been populated yet. This means that we as a community can quickly get answers to important questions, even as issues are breaking in the news. Simply click on the metric you want to populate and add a source and a value to complete the picture.


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