How to Use Data

To effect change in corporate performance, research alone is not enough; data need legs. The WikiRate community brings great knowledge and creativity to the tasks of interpreting, analyzing, visualizing, and contextualizing data for different stakeholder audiences, including investors, employees, consumers, advocates, and neighbors. All WikiRate data is free and accessible for download and integration into external applications. 

Exporting Answers

Currently, the best way to explore answers is by using the sorting and filtering interface on Company and Metric pages.

For example, the following shows a specific metric filtered by a specific country:

Exporting Answers+Image


At the bottom of each page, there are links to download the current answer results in CSV or JSON format. They look like this:

Exporting Answers+Image2

Clicking on those links will provide an export URL that will allow you to download answers with the current filters.

CSV downloads will allow a maximum of 100 answers per request.

To download more answers than that, you will need to alter the filters.

JSON downloads produce 20 answers per page. When there are more than 20 results, the response will include at least one paging URL, which you can use to retrieve the complete list.

Project pages also contain download URLs, which can be used to download answers associated with a given project.


All answers – and in fact all public WikiRate data – can be downloaded using our RESTful web API.

API documentation is available at

In addition, there is a new WikiRate Labs site dedicated to sharing data experiments that WikiRate community members create using WikiRate data.

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