How to Add Data

WikiRate is a community of collaborative researchers; anyone can contribute. By bringing together diverse minds to design, develop, discuss, hone, populate and share free and open data about corporate performance, we are enabling the feedback systems necessary for a sustainable economy.

Data on WikiRate is organized into answers, where each answer measures how one Company performs on one Metric for one year. All answers are either (a) researched directly or (b) dynamically calculated from researched answers.  All researched answers must be sourced.

Joining Projects

Projects are a great way to organise companies and metrics around certain topics and help us gather data and build a picture of company performance. There are two types of project pages:

  • Open - any user can add research to this project.

  • Moderated - a project designed for a specific group of users, generally projects being used as a teaching tool for a specific class or course. These groups should be clearly identifiable from the project title, logo and description

Once you have identified or been assigned a project to research, read over the project description. When you are ready click the research answer button next to the company of your choice. 

WikiRate hosts a wide range of projects, you can find the full list or add a new Project here.

Using the Research Page

Once you have chosen a company to research in a project and clicked the research button next to the company, you will come to the Research Page. This is the working page where you can add new answer values.

  1. Choose a Metric to research from the dropdown and click the Methodology tab on the right-hand side to learn how to find the answer

  2. Select a Year 

  3. In the Sources tab, browse the sources that already available (if any) to try and find your answer, ctrl+f is a good way to search for key terms

  4. If you need to add a new Source, do so through the sources tab. You can add a URL, file or CSV

  5. Once you have found the answer, enter the answer Value in the box. If you cannot find the relevant value click Unknown

  6. Click the Cite button next to relevant source to add it to the list of citations

  7. Add a Comment to your answer detailing the page number where you found your answer and add relevant excerpts from the source

  8. Click Submit

  9. Click Next to move onto the next metric

Join a Research Group

Research Group bring community members together to organize projects, design Metric, have conversations and track progress around a Topic, theme or area.

To join a Research Group, visit the page of one you would like to join and click "Join". Your name will be added to the list of members.

Research groups track the work of the users who are a part of the group, in connection with a specific Project, so that you can see your progress in relation to your peers. Each group also has a place to create conversations on different topics so that you can communicate between yourselves and other WikiRate users.

Adding & Tagging New Sources

Sources can be added to WikiRate as a URL, file upload or report. All metric values on WikiRate must be traced back to a source, these can be company reports, news articles, websites and so on. To add a source click here and fill in the relevant details and make sure to tag the relevant company and select a report type.

It is important to assess the credibility of a source, researchers should consider who produced it and whether they have a good or bad track record of reliable, unbiased reporting. Leave comments in the discussion box on the source details tab to make a case for whether a source is credible or not.

Importing Answers

If you have a large dataset that is already structured, you can directly import the answers onto WikiRate. Imported metric answers need to be in csv format with the columns according to this structure: Metric | Company | Year | Value | Source | Comment

Please Note: The Metric name should be the full metric title (the name of the designer + the name of the metric). For example, this metric should be named: Walk Free Foundation+MSA risk assessment

When you have structured your CSV file correctly, you can import it through the Metric Answer Import Page

  1. Give your import file a name
  2. Upload the CSV file
  3. Click Submit

If the file is large, it may take some time to process. Once it has processed you will be given a list of companies to check whether or not there is a match for the company name on WikiRate. 

  • For answers in RED, no match has been found. You should check if there is any existing company on WikiRate (try acronyms) and if not enter a new name in the box to add a new company
  • For answers in YELLOW, a partial match was found. Check if the WikiRate company name is a match for the company in your import. If not enter a new name in the box to add a new company
  • For answers in GREEN, an exact match was found 

Once you have finished checking the company names, click import to finish adding your answers to the platform. The progress bar will let you know whether any answers failed to import.