2017 | Reliance Industries Limited | Total energy consumption, GRI 302-1-e (formerly G4-EN3-e)
What is the company's total energy consumption (in gigajoules)?
updated over 4 years ago by Aileen Robinson

Page 73, RIL Sustainability Report 2016-17.

Avinash Babu M.....2019-01-14 11:49:45 UTC


"In FY 2016-17, for manufacturing locations, the crude throughput was 70.1 MMT, petrochemical production was 24.9 MMT and oil and gas production was 2.14 MMT."


4184210 GJ of energy consumed per MMT of production.

4184210*(70.1+24.9+2.14)=406454159.4 GJ

Aileen Robinson.....2019-01-18 16:27:17 UTC