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What is the company's total energy consumption (in gigajoules)?
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An organization can consume energy in various forms, such as fuel, electricity, heating, cooling or steam. Energy can be self-generated or purchased from external sources and it can come from renewable sources (such as wind, hydro or solar) or from non-renewable sources (such as coal, petroleum or natural gas).

Using energy more efficiently and opting for renewable energy sources is essential for combating climate change and for lowering an organization’s overall environmental footprint. Disclosures in this Standard can provide information about an organization’s impacts related to energy, and how it manages them.

See the GRI website for more background on this metric and the Global Reporting Initiative's Standards, which are the first global standards for sustainability reporting.

Research Methodology:

To find the answer to this metric question, look for key words like fuel and energy, as well as GRI codes 302-1 and EN3Identify the types and amount of energy (fuel, electricity, heating, cooling, and steam) consumed within the organization, in gigajoules. Companies who use GRI’s Sustainability Reporting Standards often include a GRI Content Index or Annex where GRI disclosures, with GRI codes, are listed.

Once the data is found, check the unit required for the metric, and ensure that your answer aligns. In this case the unit is gigajoules - if the report is in terajoules or another unit, use a conversion tool such as Similarly if the company reports in thousands or millions, make sure to adapt your answer. 

Use the comments field to include additional details important to the data, such as where you found the information (page number), quotes from the source and conversions or calculations performed.