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Corporate Social Responsibility Report

This metric is based on the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) G4 Sector Supplement - Event Organizers. It covers the reporting requirements of Indicator G4-EO9 - 'Type and sustainability performance of sourcing initiatives'

Event organizers have the potential to influence the sustainability performance of their event through their sourcing management approach. This Indicator will identify whether companies are working with suppliers that are compliant with their sustainable sourcing policy.

Internationally and nationally recognized production standards, certifications and protocols have been developed for a large number of product categories and industries. Detailed sustainability requirements are included. By complying with these standards, basic levels of sustainability are guaranteed on a large number of issues.


ŸŸIndicate whether the organization reports on the on the type of sustainable sourcing initiatives and quantitative outcomes of sustainable sourcing initiatives by choosing Yes or No.

If provided, in the comments section include type of sustainable sourcing initiatives and quantitative outcomes of sustainable sourcing initiatives, such as:

  • ŸEvents (products) procured with enhanced sustainability credentials or certifications (for example Marine
  • Stewardship Council, Fair trade, organic, eco-label, industry codes of practice, Rainforest Alliance certification, Forest Stewardship Council);
  • ŸEvents (products) procured with fair labor practices;
  • ŸReused, recycled or repurposed materials sourced;
  • ŸSeasonal and short travelled food;
  • ŸValue and/or percentage of spending on local, regional and national target communities;
  • ŸProportion of the supply chain that has been independently audited for sustainability standards.

For WikiRate Researchers: 

  • Please see this page for guidelines on how to research values for GRI-based metrics.